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On Being a Grand Representative
Price: $0.50

Single copy.

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A Response to Critics of Freemasonry
Price: $0.10

A brochure responding to several of the alleged points of conflict between Freemasonry and Christian theology.

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Regius & Friends – Oldest Masonic Document, Plus Companion Manuscripts
Price: $15.00

The Packet includes 2 Digests, 2 historical Short Talk Bulletins, and 2 copies of other saved documents from MSA’s archives, all of which try to explain and translate what our Masonic forefathers considered important.

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Washington and NYC
Price: $4.00

by Dr. Allan Boudreau. Washington's relationship with New York from 1756 to 1782.

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He Which is Accused
Price: $2.00

A story of the last days of the war. A German-American brother of Doric Lodge is accused, apparently upon undeniable evidence, of willingly serving in the German army. 

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Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry?
Price: $7.50

By Art DeHoyos and Dr. S. Brent Morris. Foreword by Jim Tresner. Anti-Masonic arguments are refuted point-by-point. Single copy.

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