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Short Talk Bulletin Annual Subscription
Price: $12.00

Annual Subscription to the Short Talk Bulletins

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Allied Masonic Groups and Rites
Price: $5.00

List of groups with descriptions.

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Craft's Noyse, The
Price: $6.00

By James Tresner. Annotated list of Masonic composers and lyricists.

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A Rose Upon the Altar
Price: $3.00

The Master and the Chairman of the Charity Committee return to the empty lodge room at midnight to get the bank book and cash which the Master forgot. 

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Washington's Home and Fraternal Life
Price: $5.00 - $120.00

20 pages crammed with information. Original 1932 edition written by Carl Claudy;  reissued 1982. 

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Masonic Philately
Price: $4.00

by Christopher Leo Murphy. Famous Freemasons of the US and Canada who had postage stamps issued in their honor.

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