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Patriot Pack

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Masonic Membership of the General Officers of the Continental Army

Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Constitution

Membership of the Founding Fathers

We The People… The Constitution and Freemasonry

Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution in North America

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The “Patriot Pack,” an assemblage of well researched Masonic papers about the Founding Fathers of the United States and Freemasonry’s impact on the organization and principals on which the country was based. These booklets are an important inspection of that premise.

These digests are a must read for any student of American history. Brothers Ronald E. Heaton, William Mosely Brown, and W. Eugene Rice have referenced original lodge records and research by noted Masonic historians including James Royal Case, Past Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

Each booklet about membership includes those who were Masons, those suspected to be Masons, and even those for whom there has been no record of ever having been a Mason.

"We The People… The Constitution and Freemasonry" suggests that the spirit of Freemasonry had much to do with this treasured document. A comparison of the principals found in the Constitution is discussed

"Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution in North America" explores the role that Freemasonry played in the development of democracy in the United States and Canada. The Forward, written by Richard E. Fletcher, Past Grand Master of Vermont and past Executive Secretary of MSA, says, “Allen E. Roberts and Wallace McLeod, two of Freemasonry’s most prolific and outstanding writers, have contributed their talents to tell this story.”

These six booklets are available for a limited time, and the time to get them is now. Masonic Membership of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence is out of print but has been restored from our archives. These booklets can create an interesting lodge discussion or be the basis for further research about Freemasonry’s influence on the beginnings of the United States of America.